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Deli Family Restaurant

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Deli Family Restaurant
337 Sykes Street South
Meaford, Ontario N4L 1C5

519-538-1814 | phone

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Payment Methods
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Hours of Operation
Tuesday:7:00 am - 3:00 pm
Wednesday:7:00 am - 7:00 pm
Thursday:7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Friday:7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday:7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sunday:7:00 am - 8:00 pm
Our Memberships
Deli Family Restaurant

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4 years ago
G. McDonald , a member from Meaford,  wrote:
I use to frequent this establishment quite a lot, but since the new management took over, not so much. The consistency of the food is never the same. When the gentlemen cook, I would give this establishment a 5-star rating. The food is always prepared right, wonderful portions, and beautiful presentations. When the lady cook is cooking, the food is either undercooked or overcooked, the portions are not worth what is being charged, and the presentations are sloppy. I would only give her a 2 star rating. As for the waitresses, I give them a 4 star rating, even though they don't seem as happy as they once were. They are still courteous, smiling, and make your experience a pleasant one, but they don't seem as happy as they once were. Overall, I rated this establishment a 4-star, only because of the waitresses and gentlemen cooks. Without them, I would only rate this establishment a 3 star.

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5 years ago
Kevin , a member from Proton Station,  wrote:
I have an onion allergy and after speaking to my waitress and letting her know that I was pleasantly surprised at the attention that was taken to prepare my meal. I had to wait a few extra minutes for my food, which they came an told me, the reason being was the cook took the time to sanitize all the cooking surfaces, before she proceed to cook my food. I would definitely highly recommend Deli Family Restaurant for great food and attentive staff. I will be back!

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5 years ago
Local Entrepreneur , the Business Owner,  wrote:
Hello kevin I am so happy to hear that you were well taken care of. We will always try to accommodate All of our customers the best We can. Look forward to serving you against

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6 years ago
Dave , a member from Meaford,  wrote:
The food and service was good but the place is getting outdated and rundown. With a little work I would easily give the deli 5 stars!

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6 years ago
Trish , a member from Stayner,  wrote:
I just wanted to say, that I have never had such good service at the deli till I had Nikki serve me, she makes me smile and laugh, she is always making sure we are happy with our food and alway kind and caring and making she we leave happy,So thank you Nikki for making us smile and making sure we are happy,You are the best :)From all of us.Trish,Sonya,Dellie,West,Wendy and last but not lest JOE!!!

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6 years ago
gloria , a member from meaford,  wrote:
hello. just wanted to say i really enjoy going there.The staff is always pleasant (especially Joanne).They make you feel welcomed. The food is great also! A place to try if you haven't been there yet.

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6 years ago
Local Entrepreneur , the Business Owner,  wrote:
Hello Gloria, We would like to thank you for the great review. We are glad that you have been treated professionally and have advised Joanne of her tremendous hospitality and wish to welcome all for the the same experience. We strive to exceed your expectation and welcome all or any comments to improve your visit with us now and in the future. We would like to here from you again. Thanks again Gloria.

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7 years ago
Lorne Kelly , a member from Mississauga,  wrote:
Great place. Good food, freindly service,nice atmosphere. Great owners

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